Chams Branding Solutions.

CHAMS - Communication House for Advertising, Media and Strategy is a communication specialist, who helps corporates to design effective communication tools, provides creative communication medium and helps them to identify and implement effective communication and marketing strategy. CHAMS built on 5 pillars namely Creativity, Honesty, Amiability, Modernity and Social Responsibility which will ensure you creative and modern communication solutions with honesty and commitment.

CHAMS Branding Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading and fast growing Outdoor Advertising firm in Kerala. We started our business with high value goals. Our aim of becoming India’s No. 1 outdoor Advertising Company helps CHAMS to achieve a bunch of golden feathers in its forehead.The company is engaged in the business of providing complete outdoor branding solutions such as Hoardings, Traffic Signages, Town Beautification Projects, Advertisement boards on the rails of the bridges , Glow Sign boards, Unipoles, , Pole Kiosks, Neon boards, Bus shelters, Railway & Bus branding, Mobile Display Vans or any type of outdoor display options, with the sole aim of promoting brands for a longer period of time, as against the lifespan an advertisement gets in newspaper, magazine or the TV. The firm also organizes outdoor advertising campaigns. We have around one million sq.ft hoarding space all over Kerala. Our aim is to provide a better solution to small, medium and big enterprises to promote their business through outdoor advertising in an affordable way. We plan to extend the reach of our outdoor Branding Solutions to all metros and major cities in India.

The Branding Solutions package is designed in such a way that anyone who avail the service of it gets a three-fold mileage for their marketing messages and brand images through CHAMS. We can provide you huge display area in all major towns and the main arteries connecting busiest towns throughout Kerala for your brand visibility. Value for the money you spent will be ensured through proper maintenance of your display boards and transparent business deals. We also undertake manufacturing of hoardings as per your requirement and annual maintenance contracts of your own branding assets. Outdoor Media Show your brand to the masses; let it affix itself in the minds of people.

The Mission

It is the mission of Chams to provide ever-lasting values to the communication needs of business and service companies. Therefore, Chams cater only genuine clients who are interested in getting into the minds of the millions forever. And all communication strategy of Chams is deployed to create a brand-image for its clients.

The Media

Chams handle every media, right from printing, internet and the outdoor, to make your dreams become realities. Our media department is highly competitive to help you with solutions for making your marketing messages stand out from the crowded market place.